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“The Harmogram Suite” is the sixth album from the British modem classical – ambient composer Marvin

Harmogram is Marvin Ayres’ term to describe his hybridizing harmonies, harmony and hologram.
His initial idea for the piece was that the ‘delivery’ of sound now seems to be almost as important as the ‘musical’ content and instrumentation involved.

With Harmogram Suite, Marvin takes his listeners on a hugely emotional and dramatic joumey in amusical piece written in six movements, over-dubbed with one hundred and forty layers, with everyinstrument and every part, played by Marvin, excepting the fifth movement which utilises a choir.

During the recording process, different playing techniques, recording set ups and textures were used toproduce an authentic fulllive orchestral sound. The result is a unique, modem classical musical soundcomposition. It was at a meeting towards the end of recording the album Harmogram Suite that Marvin met with Martyn Ware (Human League/Heaven 17).

So enthusiastic was Martyn about the piece that he suggested to Marvin that the album should be mixed in 3D, with the intention of giving live performances, in combinations of players and 3D Sound System Orchestra.

This peace of music will not be for everyone. but it has a certain progressive melt wih the ambient sounds he uses.

The five movements of the disc, called “Movement One”, “Movement two,” “three Movement”, “Movement oven” and “Movement five” developing variations on the violin and cello, deploying soundscapes at different levels.

Environments sometimes generate a deep sadness. There are also gothic elements in his music.

The album offers six tracks on both CD and DVD, the DVD does not contain anything that the music can be heard on the CD. This is probably good for those who love to have a choice.

You can also stream both discs on both a CD and a DVD player in order to make it even more that quadraphonic sound level.The DVD does contain three bonus videos.

87 %

Ron “the doorway” Vermulst


The Steve Hillage Band LIVE – Live at the Gong Family Unconvention


The first live performance ofThe Steve Hillage Band in 25 years!

 London, UK – The Gong Family Unconvention at the Melkweg club in Amsterdam in November 2006 was a unique 3 day event in which all the original members of the legendary psychedelic band Gong came together and performed their own individual sets.

 Guitar legend Steve Hillage, who was a prominent part of the “classic” Gong line-up of 1973-75 felt it was a great opportunity perform again some of the songs from his 1970s solo albums. Steve Hillage is widely considered a guitar innovator, and is associated with the Canterbury scene, working in experimental domains since the late 1960s. Besides his critically acclaimed solo recordings, along with Gong, Steve has been a member of the ensembles Khan and System 7.

 Steve’s live set at the Gong Family Unconvention in 2006 provoked a rush of excitement and emotion at the event, and this was beautifully captured on film and recording – and is now available on this DVD and CD.

 Performing with Steve were his long-time musical partner Miquette Giraudy on synthesisers, Gong bass player Mike Howlett who played on Steve’s ‘Fish Rising’ album from 1975, and Gong drummer Chris Taylor who started playing with the band in the 1990s. Also guesting was Basil Brooks on synthesiser, who played in Steve’s band in the ’70s.

 Tracks played were as follows:

  1. Hello Dawn (from the album ‘Motivation Radio’)
  2. It’s AH Too Much (the Beatles cover – from the album ‘L’)
  3. Aftaglid (from the album ‘F ish Rising’)
  4. Solar Musick Suite (from ‘Fish Rising’)
  5. The Salmon Song (from ‘Fish Rising’)
  6. These Uncharted Lands (from the album ‘For To Next’ and never before
    played live)

 In addition the audio CD has 4 exclusive bonus tracks from Steve’s 1970’sarchive. Tracks recorded live at Amsterdam’ s Sonesta Koepelkerk on Dec 14th 1979. The DVD has bonus material in the form of a substantial interview with Steve and Miquette. And also background clips from around the Gong Melkweg event.

 The Audio for the CD and DVD was mixed by Steve in his A-Wave Studio. And has a rich and warm sound. The DVD was edited by long time friend and Gong family member Harry Williamson in his Spring Studio in Melbourne Australia.

 If indeed Steve does create some more music in the psychedelic rock sphere this powerful and unique live recording can be seen as a launch pad. Steve currently sees his System 7, Mirror System, and Steve Hillage Band entities as operating in parallel and has been writing some new rock-based material
for a possible Steve Hillage Band album for release in 2013/14.

 A warm Live DVD/CD package for every Steve Hillage fan.

 85 %

 Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst

Big Big Train – English Electric (Part One)


English Electric: was a British industrial manufacturer. Founded in 1918, it initially specialised in industrial electric motors and transformers. Its activities would expand to include railway locomotives and traction equipment, steam turbines, consumer electronics, guided missiles, aircraft and computers.  Big Big Train present us with eight new songs. It take us on a journey through the English landscape, from the mining towns of the north to the chalk hills of the south.

 Along the way, extraordinary tales are told of inland navigators, art-forgers, miners and men of industry.Stories of people who dream of the daylight but are given up to the depths.

 English Electric is a celebration of the people that work on, and under, the land and who made the hedges and the fields, the docks, the towns and the cities.

 ‘English Electric (Part One)’ is a joy from beginning to end.

 Having appeared as a guest on their last  release drummer Nick D’Virgilio (formerly Spock’s Beard) is now a permanent member. On English Electric,  Big Big Train, with special guest musicians including Andy Tillison (The Tangent), Louis Philippe, Rachel Hall (Stackridge), Danny Manners (Robert Wyatt, Cathal Coughlan), are joined by a brass band and string quartet.

 This album has a big rich sound with overwhelming nuances. Great songwriting and craftmenship and wonderfull harmonies. The first feeling i’ve got was that it had a sound that was familiar.

 Old genesis came into mind but that would sell these guys short. This is wihout a doubt 2012 best album. The First Rebreather blew my mind a way. And that was the perfect setting for the rest of the album.

 Fav Tracks:

  • The First rebreather
  • Winchester  from ST Giles Hill
  • A Boy in Darkness
  • Hedgerow

 95 %

Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst

 English Electric Part One will be followed by English Electric Part Two in March 2013.

Neal Morse – Testimony 2: Live in Los Angeles


For the first time since the original Testimony, Neal’s music is performed by the original
musicians who created it: Mike Portnoy, Randy George, Eric Brenton. Riek Altizer and
Mark Leniger. And with two new members (Nathan Girard and Nathan Brenton),  it’s
Neal’s biggest band ever.

In this case leads to three CDs and two DVDs that primarily report on a concert in Los Angeles earlier this year. During that concert was obviously focusing on “Testimony 2”, which here passes integral, but there was much more beautiful played.

On the setlist adorns a piece of almost every album. It is particularly clever musicianship.

The contributions of all the musicians are tip top, with handsome highlight chamber music at the beginning of part 5 of “Testimony” (so that meanwhile renamed “Testimony 1”). With many acoustic instruments, a brilliant interpretation of that elusive piece of data.

They bring to life every nuance and detail of Morse’s extraordinary compositions with the virtuosity and energy from some of Prog ’s most seasoned performers.
The 3+ hour concert begins with Neal’ s seven biggest epics, including the new 30-
minute juggernaut, “Seeds of Gold.”

Then, Morse and company.deliver the entire Sola Scriptura album.

After the final notes fade from the stage, go behind the scenes with the band in a full-
length feature tour documentary,

And check out Neal’ s triumphant reunion with Spock’s Beard at the High Voltage festival in Londen!

This great package is a must have for the die-hard fans. But i can  recommend it also to other listeners.

80 %

Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermuls


Prospekt are a British Progressive Metal band gaining a solid reputation throughout their hometown Oxford and the surrounding areas for creating a fresh and intelligent approach to ‘Prog’.Taking influence from such as Dream Theater,Symohony X and Opeth, Prospekt combine the technicality of progressive metal with the symphonic elements of contemporary Prog.

Formed in 2008 by guitarist Lee Luland and drummer Blake Richardson, Prospekt began as an experimental project, with the main focus on complex instrumentation. They forged a sound that would epitomise Prospekt’s music, technical and yet progressive.

With the addition of bassist Phol Wicker and vocalist Matt Winchester (at the end of 2009) Prospekt began writing material for their first EP.
After composing four tracks of modern progressive metal. The band recorded at their own home studio during summer 2010 with the addition of newest member Richard Marshall on Keyboards.

By delicately combining brutal riffs, coupled with odd time-signatures, passionate higher ranged vocals, frenetic guitqr work and solid grooves, each Prospekt composition remains both interesting and original.

Prospekt are now preparing for their first full length album. With five new songs already in the pipeline, the goal is to complete the album at the end of 2011.

Without hesitation I dare to say this should be signed immediately. A wonderfull debut mini-Album.
It’s a freight train running over you. The mixed Vocals/Grunts is a superb hibryd betweenTechnical Metal and Progressive Symphonical rock. Stunning rhythm section with screaming Guitar extravaganza.

The dream theater comparison is selling them too short. The music stands out on its own.
Favorite numbers are all of them but shroud takes the lead.

I’m Looking forward to the follow-up album.

Untill then everyone should listen and appriciate this Metal/Prog Combo called Prospekt.

A full 100 % for this British Breakthrough Discovery

Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst

Line up:
Vocals – Matt Winchester
Guitars – Lee Luland
Bass – Phil Wicker
Keyboards – Richard Marshall
Drums – Blake Richardson


Contact: or

Dainoya – Obscurity Divine


A common passion, inspiration and way of seeing the world led, in June 2008, two friends – guitarist Janek Niedzielski and vocalist Filip Zielinski – to join forces on a project called Dianoya.

Before long they assembled a full band: longtime friend and drummer Lukasz Chmielinski; bassist Adam Pierzchala; and at the end of the year guitarist Maciej Papalski.

Determination and hard work enabled them to succeed in recording, registering and releasing the band’s ambitious debut material on the album “Obscurity Divine”.

Poland is becoming known as a provider of good solid progressive rock. And Dianoya are a good example of top quality with wonderful melodies all played with great skill and feeling.

You can add Dianoya to the list of Polish bands including Riverside, SBB, Quidam, Satellite and many more.

The Riverside comparisons is of course obvious but that isn’t necessary a negative fact.
The music is moody, haunting and dark, filled with edgy atmospheres and complex musical passages

Favorite tracks:

95 %

Ron “the doorwaymaster” Vermulst

The Kings of Frog Island – 3

The kings of Frog Island complete their dark Trilogy and go through with the central theme of an psychotronic journey through the demon infested darklands of the mind, body and soul.

A billowy trip, soaked with deep black rhythm, voodoo, psychedelic and dirty rock ’n roll.

Walls of guitars melt in a hypnotic babbel of voices with groovy bass and impulsively played drums.

Tamborines and melodies make you shake your hips while the next song fascinates you in a menacing kind.

The mindbehind this is once again hardworking Mathew Bethancourt.

This album is both complex,Calm,Heavy and very Dark

For all you Stoner fanatics this is a big thums up

Favorite TRacks

-A Cruel wind Blows
-Dark on You
-Bride of Suicide

89 %

Ron ” the doorwaymaster” Vermulst