Progressive Rock/Metal

A.CT. – Last Epic

“Last Epic” is the Swedes’ third album, after 1999’s “Today’s Report” and 2001’s “Imaginary Friends”, which both still appeared on MTM. Those who own or at least know those albums will already know what to expect from this brand new release, as A.C.T have made a name for themselves with their happy blend of melodic rock and progressive (or should that be symphonic?) influences and with the Robbie Valentine like singing of Herman Saming. Both trademarks can again be found in abundance on this disc, which I think is a concept album, although I haven’t found a confirmation for this fact yet. What I do know, is that it’s again very well done, music wise as well as production wise. The album’s sound can compete with big ones in both genre. Professionalism and maturity are the keywords here, which is best proven on the tracks that stand out a bit from the rest of the album. I’m pointing at “Mr. Landlord” for instance, a catchy and frivolous song that stays in the head for days. Or perhaps you like it a little more serious and much heavier? Then the riffs of “Manipulator” must be your thing. Personally, I’d also add “The Effect”, which features a great guest appearance of female vocalist Sara Svensson.
A.C.T have always dangled in between the genres that they offer and that won’t chance after this third release. But by fishing in two rivers, they’ll definitely find enough buyers for “Last Epic”, which is their most professional album to date. Fortunately, a little open-mindedness doesn’t hurt.


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