Progressive Rock/Metal

Alter Bridge – One day remains

I don’t exactly have to pry any doors open to introduce you to this band and its predecessor. For those that accidentally were aboard the latest shuttle to Mars and have just arrived back on the earth, Creed have split up and the all-original line-up minus Scott Trap cleaned up their shit after they left the building, in the process taking ex-Mayfield Four singer Myles Kennedy on board.
For me personally a very good thing as I wasn’t exactly a big New-Messiah-Scott fan. Boredom was not seldom the case when I had to endure a full Creed record. Now the cards are stacked slightly different, as the ‘new’ boy is a first class shouter, style Chris Cornell (ex-Soundgarden) or even vintage Robert Plant.
Music-wise we’re talking about a sort of enhanced version of Creed, which means a contemporary version of 70’s related riffs, a lot of well-placed & paced solos & heavily building crescendos.
For those with some knowledge of more grunge-related records, it made me think of the legendary “Temple Of The Dog” album. The first time I put the CD in the one thing I immediately noticed is the unbelievable sound, mix & production. You can play this platter on low or extremely high volume; the sound will literally splatter its way out of the speakers. Absolutely amazing, really! This must be one of the best sounding records I have heard in a long time. Even if you don’t like this kind of music, I invite you to listen to it, even if it is just to hear how a heavy rock album should sound.
My favorites are the slower paced songs such as ‘Burn It Down’, ‘Shed My Skin’ & their 3rd single ‘Broken Wings’ which can all be described as heavenly power ballads.
All in all, if I had gotten hold of it a little bit earlier, it would have been a sure top 10 record of 2004 in my list. Recommended for those who don’t sniff in disapproval when something more contemporary crosses their path. Bloody well done.


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