Progressive Rock/Metal

Aragon – The Angels Tear

If you thought that “Mr. Angel” (released in 1998) was Aragon’s swan song, you were definitely wrong. Title of their brand-new studio album is “The Angels Tear” and the 8 songs show that the Australian trio – consisting of Poloyannis, Dougan and Behrsing – hasn’t lost any of its touch. All songs bear that recognizable Aragon trademark, but as a whole this new CD sounds less pop-orientated the above mentioned predecessor.
What you get here, is a bunch of attractive progrock songs that often remind of the ‘old’ Marillion, partly due to the voice of Les Dougan, which is quite similar to Fish’s. The best songs are opener “Growing Up In Cuckoo Land”, the longest track “In The Name Of God” (nice structure) and the instrumental “Voyeur”. Although this is a good album, I still prefer “Mouse” as the band’s best work ever.


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