Progressive Rock/Metal

Casual Silence – Once In A Blue Moon

“Once in a blue moon” is Casual Silence second full cd. Their music is like a very good friend who has been away on a long voyage. And he tells you all about his travels and adventures. Just sit close and listen!!!!!

1. Exit X: – Here you enter the world of Casual Silence. It’s like a horror movie, you feel a little afraid but you can’t look away. You just have too watch and listen.

2. Facing Reality: – Great open guitars parts and a strong rhythm section. Heavy guitar layers over and over. And then the kind vocals come back to pull you back into the story. Metal guitar and Prog-Rock joined as a fusion of the two . This is Casual silence at its finest hour.

3. Foolish Plane: – Henry Meeuws is all over this song as a guide too show you everything there is too see. Also heavy guitars and strong lyrics to grip you by the throat and never too let you go.

4. Dreampath: – Great keyboard layers and guitars that won’t let you go and stay in you mind. Solo guitars who duels a keyboard. Its Smokey Fire versus the Wet Rain. Three Vocal parts by Rob, Eric and Ernst who deliver a great effort. Beautiful close harmonies who which after that explodes into psychotic drama. And eerie guitars who will keep everyone awake and sleepless.

5. Dreamweaver: – Piano starts off and Rob sings over it softly. Rob and Eric are doing what they are best at. Reflecting their lives into great songs. Dark passages with a soft melody. A great songwriters duo.

6. Weird Promises: – More of the Casual sound. Heavy guitar with close harmonies. A Soft melody leads you into a twisted sound of cacophonic layers of noise. You can detect even sounds of Jazz-Fusion melted with heavy and progressive rock. It all fits together like a leather glove.

7. Lambrusco Evening: – Heavy parts sets in and you feel the shivers along your spine. Big Keyboard sounds is your guide through this musical landscape. Piano and Heavy guitar are here the best of friends. Vocals are here softly and strong together and fill you with joy. Great introspective lyrics lets you get a peek inside.

8. Moon: – This dusk settles in and the story begins. “The only fear its fear itself” Great lingering heavy guitars with a an eerie tangling piano. Vocal harmonies who will grasp you and will let you feel. Stinging solo guitar parts with the still onwards tingling keyboards.

9. Casual Silence: – For all the Casual Fans. This is a re-recording of a song who was featured on their debut cd 10 years ago. A different arrangement and fresh production. It lets us enjoy this great song again and this time in a different way. This new version is fresh and sharp. It ends with a knock-out piano outro. A great song to close this CD.
Rating:92 %


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