Progressive Rock/Metal

Toto – Falling in Between

Strange but true: normally Frontiers Records release at least three albums a month, but this particular month of February it’s only Toto’s new studio album that is getting released by our Italian friends. As far as I’m concerned, it can only mean that they want to promote it the best way they can. Is it worth that special attention? No doubt about that! It’s generally agreed that Toto reaches a wide audience and this could make Frontiers Records a lot more known than it now is.
But what about the new album, I hear you ask? Well, fans of the band won’t be disappointed at all. If we take a closer look at the line-up, many will be happy to see that Toto have added an extra keyboard player/vocalist in the person of Greg Phillinganes (who is a real hotshot in the world of westcoast). Recorded and produced by the band over a period of about nine months, “Falling In Between” is maybe one of Toto’s most varied albums ever released. Although it’s classic Toto what you get to hear throughout the album, you will be surprised by some heavy passages as well as some influences from the never far away corner of progressive rock. What makes the album complete are a few surprises, such as guest appearances from former members Steve Porcaro and Joseph Williams, as well as from Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) and lots of others. The result is an album full of interesting songs, with at least two or three future classics, such as the title track “Falling In Between”, “Bottom Of Your Soul” and – last but not least – “Spiritual Man”, which is my personal fave track of the album. I’m sure the new Toto will sell by the buckload, but what’s more important for all of us: it will ensure the future of our favourite label for hopefully a long time as well. Well done!


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