Progressive Rock/Metal


U.K. was (at least initially) another one of the big prog ‘supergroups’ from the 70s. It’s easy to forget that you have the reunited rhythm section of Larks’-era King Crimson here. The sound is a curious hybrid between the pop affinities of where Wetton and Jobson were heading, and the ‘pro’ fusion workouts of Bill Bruford’s band with Holdsworth. As is well known by now, the tension created by these two directions proved irreconcilable, and rather quickly at that. Surprising, then, that this is actually quite a successful, crackerjack of an album. There is the spirited “In the Dead of Night,” featuring a rather perverse 4/4 alternating with 5/8 section right after the chorus, and it’s amazing that Bruford keeps on top of Jobson’s lightning-fast “Presto Vivace” (written in the style of Frank Zappa) with the nonchalance of someone reading the Sunday paper. This debut is a good little number of prog and pop integration (more the former than the latter), deserving its place in any prog fan’s library. After this, Bruford and Holdsworth would both depart, to work on the next Bruford album, the classic One of a Kind. U.K. would continue, with Jobson’s fellow Zappa alumnus Terry Bozzio setting up shop behind the kit


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