Progressive Rock/Metal

VoiVod – Angel Rat

Voivod is a Canadian speed metal band that incorporates space/progressive rock into their style. Angel Rat, the follow up to the legendary Nothingface, is equally as classic as that recording, yet somewhat different from its predecessor. Voivod have removed the speed-metal influences for a more mellow and streamlined sound.
This is a collection of songs about golems, outcasts, circus dummies, doomed sailors, and other misfit characters, backed by Voivod’s imaginative music. The interesting thing about this music is that all the songs, even though they vary, have the same signature: strangely melodic and beautiful, surreal, sounding like a transmission from outer space. The ballads are very ethereal, yet apocalyptic in their quiet and beautiful doom — especially “Angel Rat” and “Freedoom”, both of which always give me chills, and two of my very favorite prog-rock ballads ever. “Freedoom”’s lyrics are about the moment of realization that “I won’t last forever!” (Snake’s lyric).

The rock songs vary from heavy yet mellow songs, and more aggressive songs. Out of the mellow songs, “Clouds in My House” is crunchy and spacey, very catchy. “Nuage Fractal” features the best space-rock guitar playing: spacious melodic patterns with infinite sustain and echo, and a beautiful long trippy slide guitar solo (with laser guns in the background). “Outcast” makes me feel lonely (lost in space!) just listening to it. As far as the more aggressive songs, “The Prow” features some great 70s prog guitar solos to die for and lyrics about a sailboat in outer space. “Golem” is positively robotic and “Twin Dummy” demented circus music by aliens– both have a strong King Crimson take.

This should appeal to those that enjoy Rush, King Crimson, and Pink Floyd. It is hard to find anywhere, but you can order it from Century Media’s web page. This is the very best of the best in progressive metal


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