Progressive Rock/Metal

Pink Floyd – Dark side of the moon

OK, what’s with that cover (the one on display at G&S as I write this shows the familiar prism and rainbow as a stained glass window looking out on a tree-lined night sky)? The original cover (white beam of light, prism and rainbow against a stark black background) has become such an icon of rock, I can’t believe they’d change it. Oh well.
Anyway, as the other reviews point out, there’s not much that one can say about Dark Side of the Moon that hasn’t already been said many times. It’s a classic album of innovative rock music. It’s one of the best-selling records of all times. A local radio station once had a program called “For Headphones Only”, and named Dark Side as the best headphone album of all time. After setting up my parents’ expensive new 6.1 surround system, the first think I could think of to test it out was Dark Side, and it sounded phenomenal (the swirling synths and running footsteps of “On the Run” and the alarms, bells and chimes of “Time” were all over the room).

Everyone, their cousin, and their cousin’s mother has a copy of this album. When I first discovered it in college, I immediately went to play it for a friend who was pretty much completely out of touch with popular culture, and even he had heard it before.

So there’s not much for me to add, other than mentioning that it’s definitely on my top 10 favorite albums list, and probably always will be. When my daughter was born, we were allowed to play music in the delivery room, which lead to the difficult decision of what the first album she would ever hear should be. My wife left the decision to me, and I picked Dark Side of the Moon. I was hoping our daughter would arrive during “Breathe in the Air”, but instead she delayed until “Brain Damage”. How’s that for a bad omen? Fortunately, not an accurate one.

Come to think of it, when the delivery was over, the doctor said “That music was nice – what was it?” So it turns out there are people out there who have never heard the album. If you’re one of them, you owe it to yourself to borrow a copy from someone and give it a spin.


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