Progressive Rock/Metal

Abigail’s Ghost – D_letion

Enter Abigail’s Ghost, a progressive art-rock group from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Nothing ethereal here:the combination of emotional, innovative song structures, seamless transitions, atmospheric and vicious layers of instrumentation, vocal harmonies and well-written lyrics, come together to form a breathtaking musical presence that reaffirms itself with each listen.

Maintaining a predominantly heavy progressive rock and metal sound throughout, they draw from a wealth of influences that range from Pink Floyd, Steve Vai, Ozric Tentacles, Dream Theatre, OSI, Supertramp and Opeth.

Abigail’s Ghost’s music has a tendency to sound like one group in particular. In this case, the indefinable Porcupine Tree.

On D_letion they’ve found their own sound by stepping up the energy levels and metal-influence of the heavier songs and emphasizing a strong morose atmosphere that’s carried by clean guitars and subtle keyboards on the mellow tracks.

Abigail’s Ghost’s debut album displayed a band with a lot of, there are still moments where a certain sound or piece of a riff will instantly remind of a Porcupine Tree song but those moments are much fewer.

Instead, a majority of the album is made up of excellent heavier sections and even better atmospheric songs. This album is definitely something fans of that band could enjoy.

This is a great second album and the future looks bright for Abigail’s Ghost.

From the title track “d_letion” till the ending track “grave concerns”. This bands delivers the goods and it’s a progressive joyride from start to finish.

89 %

Ron ”thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst


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