Progressive Rock/Metal

Amaran’s Plight – Voice in the Light

This Progressive supergroup “Amaran’s Plight” is delivering the goods all the way.

From “Spock’s Beard” Drummer/Singer Nick D’virgillio to “Shadow gallery’s” Gary Wehrkamp.

In 2006 the idea for the band Amaran’s Plight came to form and they immediately went to work for an impressive debut album to write and record.

The Music can be seen as sometimes very intense and technically with flashy solos adorned, sometimes calm and collected with a nice tension.

Good examples are “Incident At Haldeman ‘Lake’, the obligatory epic ‘Shattered Dreams’ and ‘Turning Point’ which has a nice atmosphere like Queensryche.

One of the highlights of this summer!

All in all not a bad album indeed!!!

92 %

Ron ” the doorwaymaster” Vermulst


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