Progressive Rock/Metal

Anthropia – The Chain Reaction

Anthropia is a metal band based at Nice (France),
created in 2003.

The First album called”The Ereyn Chronicles Part One” and back then
Anthropia was a pure solo project created by Hugues Lefebvre.

Nowadays Anthropia is a real band with it’s latest release “the chain reaction”.
It follows the musical direction of the first opus with a good mix between
Progressive, Melodic and Power Metal.

The Environment is this time eleven contemporary pieces of SCI-FI/BIBLICAL elements:
We meet a soul who is fed up with always doing nicely what he is told.
In his next life, he will do exactly what he wants.

Unfortunately this behaviour and the tragic loss of his soul mate will lead
to an unexpected outcome:THE END OF ALL MANKIND!!!

Hugues composed this album nearly entirely again (music & lyrics),
but Natalie, Yann, Julien and Damien definately bring their own touch
and interpretation, that allows THE CHAIN REACTION to be a suprising gem of an album.

Full peddle to the METAL.The whole sound of the album is
a sweet mix of heavy songs and melodic ones with dripping
layers of progressive rhytms.

Heavy guitar solos and beautiful acoustic guitar parts.
Great solo and harmony vocals, pounding drums and atmospheric piano pieces.

The Chain Reaction has been recorded in Nice at Artmusic Studio
and mixed by François Merle (guitarist of “Magnigance”).
The Keyboardist of “Adagio” also makes a guest appearance
on the album. Mastering is done by Tommy Hansen (“Helloween”)

Overal a great Conceptual Progressive Metal Suprise

90 %

Ron “the doorwaymaster” Vermulst


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