Progressive Rock/Metal

Arpia – Terramare

The first word that ring in my mind is fantastic sounding prog-metal.
But it is a shame that I can’t understand a word these guys are singing
and trying to communicate to the listener.

The music is Heavy, Bombastic but also sometimes very gentile prog-rock.
This is a great sounding Progressive Metal album.
The numbers are well written full of emotion and soul.

The music itself sounds like a heavy version of Fate’s Warning’s “No Exit” album and Sieges Even with a little bit chaotic fragments of
Watchtower’s “Control and Resistance”.

My favourite tracks are Bambina Regina,Mari,Metro and Terramara.

All of you listeners who can cross the language barrier will enjoy this CD immensely. If Arpia’s next project would be in English they would be a huge success without no doubt.

90 %

© The Doorway Master


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