Progressive Rock/Metal

Big Big Train – The Difference Machine

One of the first albums i bought and loved from Big Big Train – Goodbey to the age of Steam, is a classic prog album loved and cherished by many.

In retrospect that album was soft and calm and their fantastic new effort is wild and hard.

The first song “Hope this finds you” is a warm introduction into the world of Big Big Train. The song takes you softly on a wild ride and it lingers on at the last track of this record.

I could review every song of this album but that isn’t necessary at all. All the tracks are equally good and deserve a great fanbase. So go get it and be bewildered just as i was.

Fascinating rhytms and mellotronesque sounds from the beginning of progressive history. This album is at this moment one of my favorite albums that has come out at this moment.

This album The Difference machine sounds like a mix between Symphonic Rock and Retro Progressive Rock.

My favorite tracks are
1. Perfect Cosmic Storm
2. From the wide open sea
3. Saltwater falling on uneven ground
4. Summer’s Lease.

A high score for a marvelous and fantastic record 100 %

© Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst


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