Progressive Rock/Metal

Cold Fairyland – Cold Fairyland

Cold Fairyland was established 2001 by Lin Di and bassist Su Yong. The name Cold Fairyland comes from Chinese translation of one of the Haruki Murakami’s books favored by Lin Di and reflects the sometimes dark tones of their music. A Shanghai music group, they are one of the most creative and skilled progressive rock bands in China. Their style combines Eastern melodies and rhythms with Western symphonic rock. While the fusion part is relatively easy to describe the music itself is not. Combining riffs that are in 7/8 or 13/8 and often layered to be played with different instruments simultaneously might make one to think the end result is a chaos, but the music is still entertaining and solid. Composer/arranger/keyboardist and Pipa master Lin Di has been playing pipa since she was 4 years old. Her arrangement skills bring out very surprising elements from the mix of cello/pipa/keyboards/bass/drums and electric guitar. Their latest effort is called Seeds on the Ground. The music is on one hand very easy to listen too. With sudden mood changes. On the other hand it’s very complex. The music within takes you on a mellow ride with lingering melodies wich relaxes you and demands that you take a step down in this hectic live we lead today. I would compare the music with The Beautifull and The October Project. Most of the songs are instrumental. There some lyrics sung in Chinese but don’t worry there are translated lyrics that com with the CD package.

My favorite tracks are

* Shadow Play
* Solemnly Silent Circle
* Reawakening
* Icy Castle

A fantastic surprise from Shanghai: 92 %

© Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst


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