Progressive Rock/Metal

Dainoya – Obscurity Divine


A common passion, inspiration and way of seeing the world led, in June 2008, two friends – guitarist Janek Niedzielski and vocalist Filip Zielinski – to join forces on a project called Dianoya.

Before long they assembled a full band: longtime friend and drummer Lukasz Chmielinski; bassist Adam Pierzchala; and at the end of the year guitarist Maciej Papalski.

Determination and hard work enabled them to succeed in recording, registering and releasing the band’s ambitious debut material on the album “Obscurity Divine”.

Poland is becoming known as a provider of good solid progressive rock. And Dianoya are a good example of top quality with wonderful melodies all played with great skill and feeling.

You can add Dianoya to the list of Polish bands including Riverside, SBB, Quidam, Satellite and many more.

The Riverside comparisons is of course obvious but that isn’t necessary a negative fact.
The music is moody, haunting and dark, filled with edgy atmospheres and complex musical passages

Favorite tracks:

95 %

Ron “the doorwaymaster” Vermulst


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