Progressive Rock/Metal

Dante – The Inner Circle

This band kicks some serious ASS. A Progressive Metal Pounding Train that won’t stop, untill it reaches the main Station. Dante was founded in 2006 by keyboardist Markus Maichel and guitarist Markus Berger. Being pals since school, they kept meeting for shows of their favourite bands.It was at the Munich show of the Dream Theater world tour in fall 2005 that they decided to meet and do sessions at the private studio of Markus Berger. It turned out soon that the qualtiy of the material recorded was just too good to stay at the level of a private spare time activity.It was then that vocalist Alexander Göhs, the singer of Markus Berger´s former band “Twelve” was asked to join the recording sessions to get a better idea of what the songs could sound like. He joined Dante as a regular member soon afterwards.

The present line-up was completed by drummer Christian Eichlinger, who not only shared his passion for progressive music and drumming, but also his experience in complex arrangements with the band. That was when Dante evolved in 2007 from a studio project to being a band heading straight towards their debut album. All members of Dante have been fascinated by progressive music ever since, starting with influences like Pink Floyd, ELP, the early Genesis and Yes, up to present artists like Porcupine Tree, Neal Morse and Dream Theater.

Their music is heavy but also very smooth. They mix Early Prog rock with neo progressive metal. In every german Band i ever heard the weak link were the vocals. But the vocalist “Alexander Göhs” sounds fantastic. My favorite tracks are

1. Ghost From The Past
2. More or Less a man
3. The Giving
4. The Taking

This is a Big Big Heavy Progressive Promise from Germany 90 %

© Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst


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