Progressive Rock/Metal

DreamAria DreamAria

1. Spirit (4:09)
2. Sungoddess (4:30)
3. In The Wake – Soul (2:48)
4. In The Wake – Body (1:54)
5. Blue Lady (5:32)
6. Snapshot (3:33)
7. Pacis (4:46)
8. Promise (5:33)
9. He Touched My Soul (4:12)
10. Raindrops (3:33)
11. Opus Dei (4:25)
12. Spanish Nights (3:04)
13. 11th Hour (3:54)

Progressive Rock mixed with a little bit Techno,World Music,Opera,New Age,with even a bit of Gothic. The 13 numbers here sound warm, exotic,thoughtful and full of melody. Singer Ann Burstyn holds with her voice the audience in ecstasy.

All numbers have been written by Don Stagg. He gives Ann all the room she needs. As a producer of the album he knows exactly what Dream Aria needs. His production sounds sometimes mysteriously or oriental. His approach is far from average. A big thumbs up for this great effort.

The overall feeling of the album tends a little bit to the dark side, particularly in hand-full numbers to the beginning. Dream Aria knows however to keep a perfect balance between dark and Light.

The album is full with not to be missed parts; the bagpipe in Raindrops or the combination Acoustic Guitar with the Flute in Spanish Nights, the Harp in the Wake.The cd concludes surprising with up-tempo rocker 11th Hour. The Dream stops after 52 min and one second.

In the Wake is a great rythmic album and I am impressed with everbody’s talent. To me Ann Burstyn nevertheless is the best singer I have ever got the pleasure to listen too.

Score 97 %

© The Doorway Master


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