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Gamma Ray – Hell Yeah Live in Montreal

Gamma Ray “Hell Yeah-Live in Montreal”

Gamma Ray’s release captures Kai Hansen’s band live in Montreal.

It is a good picture of where the band were at.
Surprisingly it doesn’t draw too heavily from the “Majestic” release either,
with only an AC/DC-esq two tracks making the set list.

Instead it’s a balanced collection with cuts from each of their albums
with a perfunctory encore run through of “I Want Out”
an additional reminder of Hansen’s early days in Helloween.

Unsurprisingly the first “Land Of The Free” album fares best in the song count
with no less than four inclusions.

The title track and “Rebellion In Dreamland” making for fine closing songs at the end of the main set, “Man On A Mission” impressive early on in the piece and “Fairytale” slotting in mid-set.

The highlight though is the three song “Somewhere Out In Space” segment that see
“Beyond On The Blackhole” and “Valley Of The Kings” along with that albums signature piece combine
for a lasting reminder of what has seen this band last so long despite little compromise in their style of music..

That somewhat narrow window in which Gamma Ray operate make this collection,
at over two hours total, a bit of an endurance test, especially if like me you prefer your Gamma Ray
with the extra polish, bells and whistles their more succinct studio releases offer,
but it’s a good representation of what the band are about and picks out many of their best songs.

A fantastic Krautmetal Live Treat 82 %


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