Progressive Rock/Metal

Golden Image – Momentum

1. Getting There
2. Silent Stare
3. Making it Thru
4. Blood Moon
5. Back of your mind
6. M.U.D.D.
7. Chronic ‘G’
8. Emotional journey
9. No Shame
10. Origins Unknown
11. Mimmic
12. Going Home

It has been long since i’ve been knocked of my socks
by a instrumental album such as Golden Image – Momentum.

Since my early discovery of Canada’s Rush.
I have a great love and admiration of musical trio’s.
The guitar play does remind me al little bit
of Jazz Rock Icons “Steve Kahn” and “Walter Rossi”

There isn’t one track that is disappointing.
All of them have there own face and feel.
The strength of this album by Golden Image
lies in the fact that you can’t compare
the individual songs to eachother.

All 12 tracks are gems by their own right.
My fav songs are Silent Stare, Back of your mind,
Emotional Journey and Origens Unknown.

Fans of Steve Khan and Walter Rossi
can buy this album blindfolded.
and all of the others should buy it too.

Score 93 %

© The Doorway Master


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