Progressive Rock/Metal

Hidden Timbre – Hidden Timbre

At the Crossroads
End of Days
Tell me
Time to sleep
My world is Bigger
Be Winded

Finally new material from Hidden Timbre aus Germany.
A self titles full album and it was well worth the wait.

They play heavy but just a touch different
then all the other bands that are around.
Prog metal with a twist.

I hear Psychotic Waltz meets Jethro Tull
in a joyride with Fates Warning.

Some old skool heavy riffs and we are up and away.
All the tracks are great to hear and are well produced.

Anja sings and rhymes at the same time.
Andreas and Clemens are heavy
and melodic together.

When i hear their Twin guitarplay,
Thin Lizzy comes in my mind.

And of course the base-structure
lies with Mirko and Danny.

My favorite Tracks are

1. At the Crossroads
2. Time to Sleep
3. Doom

The album is produced by Kalle Wallner.
(Guitarist of RWPL and of course Blind Ego)

This band has a great progressive future to come out.

Hidden Timbre is Just a slice better then Leave their debut EP.
Buy this album blind and you will not be dissapointed

100 %

© The Doorwaymaster


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