Progressive Rock/Metal

Ian Pellow – Fruit Allures

1. Pasta Sell by Date
2. Lettuce Prey
3. Fruit Allures
4. Quantum Leek
5. Give Pizza a Chance
6. Cello con Carne
7. Energet Egg
8. Salad Days
9. Sheep Shag Truffle
10.Fondue You
11. Summer Bries

After two years a new album from Ian.
It’s now more rock orientated then Marti Who?.
This is right in my alley. I hear all the mayor influences.
Return to Forever, Jaco,Lenny White,Stanley Clarke and many more.
Ian is a magical wizard on the fretless Bass.

1. Pasta Sell by Date
The first song on the album. Very Catchy guitar playing. Nice cords and heavy strokes aswell on guitar and bass. A very strong opening song.

2. Lettuce Prey
Also heavy on the guitar and very freaky. On the back horns from hell. But still the song holds your attention.

3. Fruit Allures
The Titel track and also a strong song. Heavy but still a melodic feel to it.

4. Quantum Leek.
Very mellow and laidback. Very beautifull and it touches you right in the core of your soul.

5. Give Pizza Chance
Wild and chaotic poetry. Just like a day in Heavy Traffic.

6. Cello con Carne.
A melodic intermezzo at the middle of the album. Very relaxing and wanting for more. Strings will take on a magic carpetride.

7. Energet Egg.
Yessssssss GO GO GO GO. Very energetic funky rhythms. Can’t get enough of it. A nice break and the rythmn will take hold of you. Great Stuff.

8. Salad Days.
Very jazzy and also like early Mahavishnu Orchestra. I’m Impressed. Wonderfull to hear.

9. Sheep Shag Truffle.
This song holds your in your grip and on your toes. Very Rocky Jazz Tune.

10. Fondue You.
Guitar rules this song and that’s very great. It’s dom and sub together.
The Yin and yang of this Great Album.

11. Summer Bries.
This a perfect album closer. It’s rocky and jazzy together. The first song wanted you for more and this song makes you long for the next Album.

My most favorite tracks are
Lettuce Prey,Quantum Leek,Cello con Carne,Energet Egg,Salad Days and Summer Bries.

This is a one man’s Project. Composed,Performed and Produced by Ian Pellow. A fantastic job for a fantastic cd.
Jazz-Fusion or as I still call it JAZZ-ROCK.
Jazz-rock is rare to find but this is one heck of a JEM.
Sad to say Jazz-Rock was never mainstream and it never will be.

Fruit Allures stands easily in the same row as romantic warrior or schooldays.
Every jazz-rock freak can by this album blindfolded.
A yet great effort by Ian.

A full 100 % Score.


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