Progressive Rock/Metal

Imogene – Imogene

1. Happy Communing
2. Paper Dolls
3. Sunny day child
4. Wormwood Raindrops
5. Not to be
6. Wasteoids
7. Daath
8. Seraphim
9. Tongue and Groove
10. Dark Room
11. Slow Dive
12. Quoth i

Imogen are unique.
With a 8 string and a 4 string bassplayer.

Their music is groove orientated.
They sound heavy,deep and moody.

Their music remind of Kyuss tracks like Demon Cleaner
or Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop.
If you lik your music to be psychedelic progressive Stoner Rock
then you can buy this album blindfolded.
If not stay the hell away from it!!!

My fav Tracks are
1.Paper Dolls
2.Tongue and Groove
3.Slow Dive

81 %

© The Doorway Master


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