Progressive Rock/Metal

King’s X – XV

King’s X has released a fine new album and what a treat it is. The first thing that drifts on the surface is the memory of the album Gretchen goes to Nebraska , “Faith Hope Love and Ear Candy. With XV the band are definitely back to what they do so well.. In the beginning there was nothing and then there were The Beatles. All of a sudden King’s X came along with a mixture of rock, soul and gospel. And there you have it.

King’s X have a sound that cannot be mistaken. Doug Pinnick’s vocals are like an ‘love-arrow’ that pierces through the armored plated steel heart of those ‘blind’ people who shut of every human emotion; Ty Tabor’s vocals cover a melodic range will sets every restless mind at ease. In fact, Pinnick’s songs are more along the groovy heavy pounding style while Tabor’s songs have a more wide melodic range.

I have always had a love for trio’s because the sound is so basic: drums, bass and guitar. When done right, it is full and powerful; not spare and lean. I have seen King’s X play and I can reprot that they blast everyone away.

As for XV, from the first second to the last, I wasn’t at any moment disappointed. My favorite tracks are:

* Repeating myself
* Julie
* Alright
* I just want to live
* I don’t know

All in all, a Magical Beatleesque Extravaganza getting a very seldomly awared 100% from me.


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