Progressive Rock/Metal

Martin Orford – The Old Road

He is best known for his 26-year career as keyboardist and main songwriter with legendary prog rock band IQ.

Though he was also a significant player for many years in Jadis and also The John Wetton Band.

He releashed his first solo album “Classical Music and Popular Songs in September 2000

Martin left IQ in 2007 to work on solo material and the old road is the culmanation of this project.

The album features an all star line-up including John Wetton (Asia) , Nick DVirgilio and Dave Meros (Spocks Beard), John Mitchell (It Bites),Gary Chandler (Jadis).

Martin Describes the album as unashamedly retro and proud of it

Nice Driven songs, some quiet others with more upbeat tempo.

This one great album written in the same tradition of IQ and Jadis. Buy it and maybe Martin could reconsider his decision to leave the music business all together.

He is an outspoke critic of the internet and the so called Free music culture. If he really decides to stop this album provides a fitting and poignant farewell.

Retro Progressive Symphonic Rock 100 %

Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst


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