Progressive Rock/Metal

Metaphor – The Sparrow

The Sparrow is the third Album number three from Prog-Rockers Metaphor. Lyrically it is a concept album from outer space. Musically it is all complex structures and intricate rhythms. The Album is based on the novel of the same title by Mary Doria Russell. It tells the story of father Emilio Sandoz,a Jesuit Priest whose soul was shattered by what befell him on the Planet Rakhat as part on the first manned extra-terrestrial life – when exquisite singing from another planet is detected on earth. The Jesuits organize a crew for an expedition and what they find is a civilization beyond comprehension. This leads the humans to question the very meaning of what it is to be human. Ultimately, the sole survivor of the ill-fated expedition, Father Sandoz, returns to earth and must explain what went wrong. Metaphor has taken this timeless and thought-provoking story and created music, in its own style, which brings a new dimension to the suspenseful, lively and challenging tale. The Sparrow is a challenging album, but one with memorable music and a story that draws you in. I consider it well worth taking the time to explore.

My favorite tracks are

* Stella Maris
* Death in Eden
* Stranded
* God will break your heart

All in all, this is a progressive master piece 95 %


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