Progressive Rock/Metal

Opeth – Damnation

1. Windowpane
2. In my time of need
3. Death whispered a lullaby
4. Closure
5. Hope leaves
6. To rid the disease
7. Ending credits
8. Weakness

Why a review from Opeth’s new album “Damnation”. First some History from this Death/Gothic/Progressive Band.- Vocalist and guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt is a great prog-rock fan. He likes old and vintage symphonic and prog-rock albums.
Here are a few examples:
1. SPIROGYRA – Bells, Boots and Shambles
2. CRESSIDA – Cressida
3. CAMEL – Moon Madness
4. PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI – Photos of Ghosts Repertoire

Since 1990, Sweden’s Opeth have developed a reputation as the world’s most innovative and musically gifted underground metal band. Critically acclaimed, with an intensely loyal fan base, Swedish Grammy Award nominees Mikael Akerfeldt, Peter Lindgren, Martin Lopez and Martin Mendez, create unique music that effortlessly combines classical guitars with extreme metal and elements of progressive rock.

Following the release of their breakthrough fifth album “Blackwater Park”, Opeth toured extensively in 2001, stunning audiences worldwide with their exceptional live performances. Their tour of the UK in 2002 was celebrated with the release of a limited edition version of the album, containing two extra tracks and a short film.

Their eagerly anticipated sixth album “Deliverance” is described by Mikael Akerfeldt as the heaviest music the band have recorded and was released by Music For Nations on November 4th. Opeth are on tour again for most of 2003, following on from the release of yet another stunning new album, ‘Damnation.’

Why a review from Opeth’s new album “Damnation”?
The world of Opeth-Is a world of wonder.
As you enter, all you can do is listen and suck in the music like a sponge.
This album is a classic in the making.
Every prog-rock fan should hear this and will love it.
You can hear echoes of King Crimson, Genesis and Gentle Giant in a waking dream.
Every note is subtle, the music penetrates your mind.
It leaves a melancholy feeling.
A great effort from Opeth.
This album should be treasured by all.

Mikael Åkerfeldt-Guitars, Vocals
Peter Lindgren-Guitars
Martin Lopez-Drums
Martin Mendez- Bass


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