Progressive Rock/Metal

P:O:B – Crossing Over

POB (Pedestrians of Blue) are a melodic and progressive hardrock band from Haugesund in Norway. They have developed a unique style by mixing modern grooves with the sounds of classic bands like Queensrÿche, Black Sabbath, Dream Theater and Toto. To date, the had recorded two EP’s, both of which received great reviews and spawned interest from various record companies before unleashing their first full length album on their own Fish farm label. The album, Crossing Over, tells the story of a young man’s struggle between Family,Love and Religion. Musically, Crossing Over takes the listener on a varied musical journey – from heavy to epic progressive rock. This strong metal/Rock influenced band from Norway are; in one word, fantastic. They mix heavy riffs with pounding rhythms accompanied with the softer tones of progressive melodies. POB’s Crossing Over should please the progressive fan and ordinary rock fan from down the corner equally effectively.

Clearly my overall impression is good,but the only remark of complaint that I make is that production-wise there could be some improvement in the sound of the band. I miss a warm depth in the production of this otherwise fantastic band and album.

My favorite tracks are:

* Father and Son
* Where the rain falls
* World of things
* The other side
* Out of the rain I give this a high score of 93 %

© Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst


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