Progressive Rock/Metal

Saga – 10.000 Days

The First thing i have to say is that i’m sad that this is Michel Sadler’s farewell album and Tour and that he is leaving Saga for good. This album “10.000 Days” is a mix between:

1. Saga (1978)
2. Images At Twilight (1979)
3. Silent Knight (1980)
4. Worlds Apart (1981)
5. In Transit – Live (1982)
6. Heads or Tales (1983)
7. Behaviour (1985)
8. Wildest Dreams (1987)
9. The Beginner’s Guide To Throwing Shapes (1989)
10. The Security of Illusion (1993)
11. Steel Umbrellas (1994)
12. Generation 13 (1995)
13. Pleasure And The Pain (1997)
14. Phase One (1998)
15. Detours – Live (1998)
15.Full Circle (1999)
16. House of Cards (2001)
17. Marathon (2003)
18. Network (2004)
19. Chapters Live (2005)
20. Trust (2006)

Everyone should treasure this last effort from Michael Sadler and Saga.But I fear this will be the death of the sound of Saga.

I wish Michel Sadler and the rest of the band all the best in the future in whatever projects they will further venture. And i wish to thank them for all the years and all the albums of great music. I’m not reviewing any individual song titles because every song is a gem by any standard.

I can say that if you know Saga and their works you will love this album. If there are still people in this Universe who haven’t heard any songs from Saga,this will be your last chance to fall in love with this great band.

My favorite tracks are
1. Can’t you see me
2. Sound advice
3. 10.000 Day’s
4. It never ends.

A high score for a wonderful farewell record: 100 %

© Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst


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