Progressive Rock/Metal

Saga – The Human Condition

Thousand of SAGA fans have all been asking themselves the exact same question:
how will the band sound after vocalist Michael Sadler’s departure?

On their latest album the band has kept a fresh aproach on their excisting sound.
Virtuoso solo passages with intelligent arrangements. And of course progressive rock
that rocks your socks off.

“The Human Condition” is 100 % Saga.

In the fall of 2007 founding member Michael Sadler made his departure
in a amicable seperation. Sadler’s departure from the band never called
the existence of the group in question.

They immediately started a global search for a new frontman.
In 2008 they came across Rob Moratti.

It’s precisely the contrast between the smooth keyboard parts and the breaks of Ian crichton’s guitarplay that is the strongest and most distinctive side of SAGA.

“Rob’s voice is different than Michael’s but he cuts the older tunes really great.”

The overall sound of Saga hasn’t changed but of course a New Singer brings a big change with it.

Hate or love it give but it a fair change.

People should approach this album with an open mind and view it as a new band.

In my Case “The Human Condition” has won me over in just a couple of turns.

Progressive Suprise from Canada 75 %

Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst


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