Progressive Rock/Metal

Steve Thorne – Emotional Creatures Part Two

Toxicana Apocalypso





All the Wisemen

Great Ordeal

6 am (your time)


The white dove song


Steve thorne is a multi-Instrumentalist and a great songwriter.
Part two is the second chapter in his trilogy.

Thorne gets his help from a group of impressive line of mucisians.

Tony Levin on bass, Nick d’Vigilio on drums, Geoff Downes on keyboards, Pete Trewavas, Dave Meros, John Mitchell and Gavin Harrison and there’s a super deluxe line up who created a very high expectation

I find it impressive that with so much help you cab stay pure and focused and deliver such a great performance on record. Emotional Creatures II is definitely a atmospheric album.

The songs is what matters most not the ego’s of the performers. Great Show.

Some songs he wrote a while ago. “White dove song” descend even already from 1993. What is notable is that Thorne play is extremely precise – especially acoustic. This album also shows some folk and ambiant influences.

My Favorite Numbers are

Great ordeal
White Dove song

It’s style can be described as a mix of Marillion, Asia and Spock’s Beard and Cyan.

I call Steve Thorne a progressive singer/songwriter. And that is a big compliment.

90 %

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