Progressive Rock/Metal

Sylver Myst – Emotions Revealed

1. Predestination
2. A life’s Tale
3. Lovtred
4. Depth of Illusion
5. Strains of Souls
6. Escape from Reality
7. Desire
8. My Valentine
9. As heaven blessed a dying rose
10. Devoted yet Unable
11. Waiting for a new day
12. As the circle closes
13. The bleeding snowlands (USA Bonustracks)

On 16 sept Sylver Myst’s cd was released.
It’s their’s first full album. I describe their music as Atmospheric Progressive Gothica.
In Jan 2006 the band signed a record deal.
with the new American label Sirenette Music Industries.

A few month’s later they started recording at Excess Studio’s
in Rotterdam. The cd is produced by Hans Pieters.
The album is for sale at their Gig’s or online

The songs on this brand new album al deal with
the human emotions like, falling in love or out of
love, letting go of someone or grief.
The Band members are showing a open heart with their emotions.

Their music contains Heavy metal riffs in their songs aswell some slow moments. My favorite tracks are A life’s Tale, Strains of Souls and
As heaven blessed a Dying Rose. Their music sometimes Sombre but at the same time it’s uplifting.

I hear early influences of other dutch bands like Orphanage
and The Gathering.
I give this cd the full thumbs up. Every Gothic Rocker should love this album and therefore purchase the cd. So everyone run like hell and
buy Sylver Myst – Emotions Revealed.

Score 96 %

© The Doorway Master


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