Progressive Rock/Metal

The Divine Madness – Secrets

Victoria Mazzè – Vocals / Keys
Chris Ride – Keys
Chris Cano – Perc / Drums / Keys
Moni – Guitar
Dylan Halacy – Drums
Marcus Jonasson – Bass

Disk I Paradiso

1. Haunted
2. Secrets
3. Gentle
4. Blessed
5. If Tomorrow Comes
6. Wish
7. Closer
8. Forsaken
9. Dust
10. Wonderland
11. Redemption

Disk II Inferno
1. Total Addiction
2. The Future
3. Precious
4. Show Me
5. True Love
6. Dirty
7. Push
8. The Sorrow
9. Pacify
10. MIA
11. Crawl
12. Until The Break of Day

Divine madness means unusual behavior attributed to intervention of a God.

Secrets is the debut Double CD by The Divine Madness, the album that takes us on an Dante journey. Forming in 2005 by founding members Victoria Mazze, Chris Ride, and Cano. Secrets was released in 2006.

Disc one is Paradiso, this is the side of light. A Compelling and Angelic sound.

Disc two is Inferno, this is the side of darkness. This sounds energetic and electronic. Very uptempo.

The overall view is that all the numbers sound angelic even the darker ones. Even Inferno, it’s the journey itself that will reach you towards the light.

Victoria sounds like a cross between Amy Lee (Evanescence), Sharon den Adel (Within temptation) and Ann Burstyn (Dream Aria).

My favourite tracks are:
Disc I: Paradisio

1. Secrets
2. If tomorrow comes
3. Dust
4. Wonderland
5. Redemption

Disc II: Inferno

6. The Future
7. The Sorrow
8. Mia
9. Until the break of day

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© Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst


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