Progressive Rock/Metal

UFO – The Vistor

Britisch Rock Legends UFO have returned with a new album ” The Visitor”.
They composes more than 35 tracks in the pre-recording process, ten of wich made it to the album.

The current Line up consists of three original members, Phill Mogg (Vocals),Paul Raymond (guitar and Keyboards) and Andy Parker (drums). American world class guitarist Vinnie Moore (guitar) has joined them.

Original member Pete Way (Bass)is currently suffering drom a liver disease and was unfortunately not aviable for the studio production.The Visitor consists of traditional rock with classy gritty hooks.

Vinnie Moore’s powerfull riffs and leads and Phill Mogg’s lyrics full of eccentric humor, as well as a talent for observation and great depth.

Stranger in Town,Forsaken and Can’t buy a thrill are great tracks. A good mix between the old and the new. Bluesy hardrock with cutting edge riff playing. Soulfull vocals with

So all you old fans of UFO run should get a copy of this fine well written cd and for the rest it’s the same advice.

Take a listen and enjoy these “old” rockers.

Bluesy hardrock cocktail

91 %

Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst


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