Progressive Rock/Metal

Van – The Gate

1. The Infant 7.20

2. I Fly – The Hawk 5.15

3. The Maiden – The Gate 4.18

The Infant
Techno Beats meets Rock and sympho.

Very daring and with a pounding beat.

I Fly – The Hawk

Also with Computer beats but now its sounds like moloko.

It moves you and takes you on a journey.

The Maiden – The Gate
This is fresh sympho with a touch of pop mixed with violin.
Very exciting to listen to. I know I do.

This mini-album sure sounds good and every progressive music fan should love this band and its music. Fans of heavy rock or Progressive metal should stay far away. They will hate this and probably fall right asleep. This recording will be of interest to fans of the Moloko and those who like electronic pop/Rock with progressive edges…”

Score 90 %

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