Progressive Rock/Metal

Vanishing Point – The Fourth Season

Hell Ya, Progressive Power Metal from Down Under.
So Australia has more produced than only Ac/DC. Hahaha. And now my serious bit.
The Fourth season is Vanishing Point 4th album.

I can’t say nothing about the previous albums at this point in time but this fourt one “The Fourth Season” is a F***ing gem of a record.

When Power – Metal meets Progressive Rock. You get Progressive Power metal in its purist form. These guys will blow your progressive speakers.

All the numbers will run you over like a ten ton hammer, a never ending train.
Wow, a great production,crital clear but still very heavy.

My fav tracks are

1.Tyranny of Distance
2.Hope among the heartless
3.Ashern Sky
4.One foot in both Worlds
5.Wake me

100 %

© The Doorway Master


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