Progressive Rock/Metal

Winter’s Verge – Another Life … Another End

Eternal Damnation
For I Have Sinned
Hold My Hand
A Secret Once Forgotten
Can You Hear Me
My Winter Sun
Suicide Note

First of all i must say this is an impressive debut album. Pure Progressive Metal with a strong accent on METAL.

The cd is a own production, a second strong fact from these guys from Greek Cyprus. If you like your Prog-Metal strong and heavy then this is the album for you. Very good song writing with excellent musicians.

I foresee a clear and bright future if these guys could record with a bigger budget and maybe with a good record deal. Warlord and Fates Warning comes in my mind when I listen to their songs. The vocalist is a true talent.

The Keyboards accompany the songs and do not overwhelm. The Guitars,Drums and Bass are heavy and bombastic. Overall impression is very good with a minor fact that the production could be warmer.

My favourite tracks are

1. Eternal Damnation
2. For I have Sinned
3. Goodbey
4. My Winter Sun
5. Suicide Note

I give it 90 %

© The Doorway Master


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