Progressive Rock/Metal


Prospekt are a British Progressive Metal band gaining a solid reputation throughout their hometown Oxford and the surrounding areas for creating a fresh and intelligent approach to ‘Prog’.Taking influence from such as Dream Theater,Symohony X and Opeth, Prospekt combine the technicality of progressive metal with the symphonic elements of contemporary Prog.

Formed in 2008 by guitarist Lee Luland and drummer Blake Richardson, Prospekt began as an experimental project, with the main focus on complex instrumentation. They forged a sound that would epitomise Prospekt’s music, technical and yet progressive.

With the addition of bassist Phol Wicker and vocalist Matt Winchester (at the end of 2009) Prospekt began writing material for their first EP.
After composing four tracks of modern progressive metal. The band recorded at their own home studio during summer 2010 with the addition of newest member Richard Marshall on Keyboards.

By delicately combining brutal riffs, coupled with odd time-signatures, passionate higher ranged vocals, frenetic guitqr work and solid grooves, each Prospekt composition remains both interesting and original.

Prospekt are now preparing for their first full length album. With five new songs already in the pipeline, the goal is to complete the album at the end of 2011.

Without hesitation I dare to say this should be signed immediately. A wonderfull debut mini-Album.
It’s a freight train running over you. The mixed Vocals/Grunts is a superb hibryd betweenTechnical Metal and Progressive Symphonical rock. Stunning rhythm section with screaming Guitar extravaganza.

The dream theater comparison is selling them too short. The music stands out on its own.
Favorite numbers are all of them but shroud takes the lead.

I’m Looking forward to the follow-up album.

Untill then everyone should listen and appriciate this Metal/Prog Combo called Prospekt.

A full 100 % for this British Breakthrough Discovery

Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst

Line up:
Vocals – Matt Winchester
Guitars – Lee Luland
Bass – Phil Wicker
Keyboards – Richard Marshall
Drums – Blake Richardson


Contact: or


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