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Neal Morse – Testimony 2: Live in Los Angeles


For the first time since the original Testimony, Neal’s music is performed by the original
musicians who created it: Mike Portnoy, Randy George, Eric Brenton. Riek Altizer and
Mark Leniger. And with two new members (Nathan Girard and Nathan Brenton),  it’s
Neal’s biggest band ever.

In this case leads to three CDs and two DVDs that primarily report on a concert in Los Angeles earlier this year. During that concert was obviously focusing on “Testimony 2”, which here passes integral, but there was much more beautiful played.

On the setlist adorns a piece of almost every album. It is particularly clever musicianship.

The contributions of all the musicians are tip top, with handsome highlight chamber music at the beginning of part 5 of “Testimony” (so that meanwhile renamed “Testimony 1”). With many acoustic instruments, a brilliant interpretation of that elusive piece of data.

They bring to life every nuance and detail of Morse’s extraordinary compositions with the virtuosity and energy from some of Prog ’s most seasoned performers.
The 3+ hour concert begins with Neal’ s seven biggest epics, including the new 30-
minute juggernaut, “Seeds of Gold.”

Then, Morse and company.deliver the entire Sola Scriptura album.

After the final notes fade from the stage, go behind the scenes with the band in a full-
length feature tour documentary,

And check out Neal’ s triumphant reunion with Spock’s Beard at the High Voltage festival in Londen!

This great package is a must have for the die-hard fans. But i can  recommend it also to other listeners.

80 %

Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermuls


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