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Abigail’s Ghost – D_letion

Enter Abigail’s Ghost, a progressive art-rock group from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Nothing ethereal here:the combination of emotional, innovative song structures, seamless transitions, atmospheric and vicious layers of instrumentation, vocal harmonies and well-written lyrics, come together to form a breathtaking musical presence that reaffirms itself with each listen.

Maintaining a predominantly heavy progressive rock and metal sound throughout, they draw from a wealth of influences that range from Pink Floyd, Steve Vai, Ozric Tentacles, Dream Theatre, OSI, Supertramp and Opeth.

Abigail’s Ghost’s music has a tendency to sound like one group in particular. In this case, the indefinable Porcupine Tree.

On D_letion they’ve found their own sound by stepping up the energy levels and metal-influence of the heavier songs and emphasizing a strong morose atmosphere that’s carried by clean guitars and subtle keyboards on the mellow tracks.

Abigail’s Ghost’s debut album displayed a band with a lot of, there are still moments where a certain sound or piece of a riff will instantly remind of a Porcupine Tree song but those moments are much fewer.

Instead, a majority of the album is made up of excellent heavier sections and even better atmospheric songs. This album is definitely something fans of that band could enjoy.

This is a great second album and the future looks bright for Abigail’s Ghost.

From the title track “d_letion” till the ending track “grave concerns”. This bands delivers the goods and it’s a progressive joyride from start to finish.

89 %

Ron ”thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst


Lisa LaRue – Transformation 2012

Lisa LaRue grew up in Topeka, Kansas, but now resides in her native Oklahoma.
She is a tribal member of the federally-recognized
United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma,
where she also serves as Tribal Historic Preservation Officer.

She began playing keyboards as a small child,
her grandmother noticing she was playing
“These Boots are Made for Walkin’” on her Magnus Chord organ.

Sought out by shopping malls and department malls as a young girl,
she started writing her own songs and designing her own ‘album covers.’

This led and inspired her for her future career.
A composer and keyboardist, LaRue became the first female artist signed
to the Sound of American Records label (SOAR0 Natural Visions sublabel.

Lisa Larue’s Transformation 2012
The disc is themed around the Mayan prophecy of the transition
into a new world age on December 21, 2012.

“Many people speak of the prophecy as ‘doom and gloom’ the end of the world.
But the Mayan elders teach it is a time for transformation.
A time for things to change for the better,” said LaRue.

The CD includes guest appearances from up and coming artists such as electric violinist James Sudakow and Kerri Lake, as well as seasoned veterans such as Tommy Zvoncheck (former Blue Oyster Cult keyboardist)

and John Payne (“Asia” – featuring John Payne). Payne provides the vocals on the single from the CD, “Save Me.”

“No other voice could have conveyed the feelings of this song than John Payne,” LaRue said. “The song is about going through all of the tribulations we see our world entering everyday on the news, but with the help of a good friend, a significant other, or even a trusted pet, we can get through it all just fine.”

83 %


Roswell Six – Terra Incognita “Beyond the Horizon

Roswell Six Internationally bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson has created an incredible fantasy universe with sailing ships, sea monsters, and the crusades. Anderson’s works have always been heavily influenced by music, especially progressive rock — but TERRA INCOGNITA truly takes this into new territory.

In a groundbreaking crossover project, Anderson developed and expanded one of the novel’s storylines to form the basis of an epic rock CD under the band name “Roswell Six.” Anderson and his wife, bestselling author Rebecca Moesta, wrote all the lyrics to the songs.

Accomplished keyboardist Erik Norlander, well known for his band ROCKET SCIENTISTS as well as his solo CDs, came aboard at the beginning of the project to write the music and to helm the production chores.

His wife Lana Lane, the “Queen of Symphonic Rock,” provides the female lead vocals, male vocals are by James Labrie (DREAM THEATER), Michael Sadler (SAGA), and John Payne (ex-ASIA).

Among the accomplished musicians contributing their talents to the project are David Ragsdale (KANSAS), Gary Wehrkamp (SHADOW GALLERY), Chris Quirarte (PRYMARY) and Chris Brown (GHOST CIRCUS). Together, the creative team has sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

TERRA INCOGNITA is a synergistic project unlike anything ever seen in the publishing and music business an original novel and original CD from the same author. He has created an incredible fantasy universe with sailing ships,sea monsters, a clash of religions and a love that will reach to the edge of the world.

The Cd has 13 tracks and a booklet with original connecting prose by Kevin J. Anderson. This will appeal to the huge crossover audience of SF/Fantasy fans and devotees of Progressive Rock.

“After the sacred city of Ishalem burns tot the ground, a holy war breaks out between the world’s two major religions. But this is also a time of exploration and discovery. The young sailor Criston Vora (Michael Sadler) feels the call of the sea and signs aboard the Luminara, a sailing ship that will explotre beyond the horizon. After listening to, Captain Shay (John Payne) tell glorious stories about the wonders of the world, he says goodbye to, his wife Adrea (Lana Lane), promising to return home. Meanwhile, Soldan-Shah Omr (James labrie) follows the drive for vengeance demanded of his faith and raids ‘enemy’ villages. He captures Adrea,taking her away with him……While Chrsiton himself survives sea monster attacks and the sinking of the Luminara. The two lovers, swept apart, must cling to their love and try to finf each other.

Each of the 13 tracks,including two major instrumentals,stand alone; they are snapshots of the epic story, with connective prose. This Project—Novel and CD written by the same autor—is a unique musical experience. Read the Novel, Listen tot the Music.

One thing comes in mind and one thing ONLY- H.G. Wells – Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds”.

This is a magnificiant Record/Book Nuff said.

You Should all get your hands on a copy and be amazed.

An Epic Progressive Fantasy Journey

92 %

Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst

RPWL – The RPWL Live Experience DVD

The RPWL LIve Experience DVD is the lastest release of this talented German Prog-Rock Band.

This concert was filmed at The Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice Poland.

After seven studio albums they now present a succesfull mix from their previous albums.

A few classic tracks are “Hole in the sky”,”3 Lights” and “Roses”.

The Light and sound quality is aimpressive even the legendary Quadrophone live sound
is recorded in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround.

The Viewer and Listener can now experience a RWPL Concert from within his own 4 walls.

A Bonus on the DVD is a Interview with Yogi Lang and Kalle Wallner, a videoclip from Breathe in Breathe out and a tour footage clip from 2006 (inc Sleep Demo Version), a photo Galerie and desktop images.

Tracklist DVD;

1. Hole in the sky
2. Breathe in,Breathe out
3. 3 Lights
4. Start the fire
5. Silenced
6. This is not a Prog Song
7. Sleep
8. Opel
9. Waiting for a smile
10. Trying to kiss the Sun
11. Wasted Land
12. Roses
13. Biding my Time
14. I Don’t Know

This Concert from German Prog-rockers RPWL is just in one word a treat for eyes and ears.

A fine dish best served in company of friends and loved ones and then slowly eaten.

Just Check out these fine musicians and you will love them from the first till the last note.

Prog Rock Extravaganza from Germany

100 %

Ron “the doorwaymaster” Vermulst

Saga – The Human Condition

Thousand of SAGA fans have all been asking themselves the exact same question:
how will the band sound after vocalist Michael Sadler’s departure?

On their latest album the band has kept a fresh aproach on their excisting sound.
Virtuoso solo passages with intelligent arrangements. And of course progressive rock
that rocks your socks off.

“The Human Condition” is 100 % Saga.

In the fall of 2007 founding member Michael Sadler made his departure
in a amicable seperation. Sadler’s departure from the band never called
the existence of the group in question.

They immediately started a global search for a new frontman.
In 2008 they came across Rob Moratti.

It’s precisely the contrast between the smooth keyboard parts and the breaks of Ian crichton’s guitarplay that is the strongest and most distinctive side of SAGA.

“Rob’s voice is different than Michael’s but he cuts the older tunes really great.”

The overall sound of Saga hasn’t changed but of course a New Singer brings a big change with it.

Hate or love it give but it a fair change.

People should approach this album with an open mind and view it as a new band.

In my Case “The Human Condition” has won me over in just a couple of turns.

Progressive Suprise from Canada 75 %

Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst

Dream Aria – Transcend

Dream Aria blew me away in 2005 with their ambient-gothic rock album “IN THE WAKE”.

Now world music fusionists are back with their follow-up Transcend

Don Stagg’s new compositions are filled with new energy and vitality.

The music on trancend has many influences;Yes, Hawkind, Uriah Heep, Pink Floyd, Enigma and Renaissance.

On “Transcend” there are eleven compact numbers.

My only criticism is that i get a feeling when in i listen to the tracks,
that in some cases that the numbers are not completed enough/a feeling of wanting more.

The overal sound of the group is powerfull, pulsating, rythmic and polished.

Highlights are The Rythm Of Now, Transcend ,Rebecca and Compassion.

This album is a natural progression from “in the wake”.

A matured Dream Aria has arrived, and is here to stay.

The “Doorway” to a wider audience has opened!!!

I can recommend this album too every progressive rock fan and beyond.
This is a treat for every global Music Lover.


Ron”the Doorwaymaster”Vermulst

Low Budget Orchestra – The Second Best

Low Budget Orchestra “The Second Best” In One word very impressive result for this one mans project.

Low Budget Orchestra plays instrumental progressive rock, with a slight leaning to metal.

Being progressive rock – a musical style with a long history and many variations.

The purpose of Low Budget Orchestra is to produce high quality music and well produced sound by budgetary means. The aim is set up high – to build a huge wall of sound that absorbs the listener within.

The overall sound of the cd is a wide sound of layers of keys and guitars.

Wow what a great effort

Low Budget Orchestras the Second Best is a joy to listen to. I can recommend to listen to in its entire length.

I hear a lot of influences but mostly by Keith Emerson and Vinnie Moore.

This album is an open invite to some excellent musicianship.

Symphonical Extravaganza from Finland 92 %

Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst