Progressive Rock/Metal

Stoner Rock

The Kings of Frog Island – 3

The kings of Frog Island complete their dark Trilogy and go through with the central theme of an psychotronic journey through the demon infested darklands of the mind, body and soul.

A billowy trip, soaked with deep black rhythm, voodoo, psychedelic and dirty rock ’n roll.

Walls of guitars melt in a hypnotic babbel of voices with groovy bass and impulsively played drums.

Tamborines and melodies make you shake your hips while the next song fascinates you in a menacing kind.

The mindbehind this is once again hardworking Mathew Bethancourt.

This album is both complex,Calm,Heavy and very Dark

For all you Stoner fanatics this is a big thums up

Favorite TRacks

-A Cruel wind Blows
-Dark on You
-Bride of Suicide

89 %

Ron ” the doorwaymaster” Vermulst


Dead Fatso – Dead Fatso

Within the dark realms of Fusion/Stoner Rockers,comes their ultimate Primal Scream Experiment.

Debut “Mini-Album Dead Fatso”

If a compaire is needed, two great bands come into mind. The Bass groove of King’s X – Doug Pinnick” and of course “desert Kings KYUSS”.

Just check out their My space Site and be the judge yourself. At this young Belgium band located in Antwerp.

All the four songs are Groove based Desert Rock, with a hint of Progressive Metalic Roots.

Hail to the new Desert Kings from the shores of Europe.

Desert Groovalistic extravaganza 93 %

Ron “thedoorwaymaster” Vermulst